About Us

Net World is a website which brings the classic back to the internet and currently has 2,700 views!

The idea was simple.. make a website of information and class, but to go there we go to the begining of Mine ink. The original idea was a simple model project for Svencoop which is still available here https://gamebanana.com/skins/165450 This was the first project of Mine ink. and ever since then we have kept the same title "The best out there, and will ever be" And as for Net World it is still growing and we have plans on making this website domain .com in the future so if anything happens to the website try either .net or .com and you will know that we have changed the domain but for now the website will be simple however I can assure you that it will never go down and will always have updates. I also plan on having forums here and making this website about reviews however I am going to have to get rid of the current host for the code and go to another.